1. Sonix Mute Tu PA/GA Hmi Local Loudspeaker Mute Uni
      • Sonix Mute Tu PA/GA Hmi Local Loudspeaker Mute Uni
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      • Sonix Mute Tu PA/GA Hmi Local Loudspeaker Mute Uni


      Oxalis Mute is a compact design housing the circuitry for Hmi local mute loudspeakers. In areas where Hmi units are located, local mutable loudspeakers need to be installed to remove acoustic feedback or howl round effect.
      New to the market Oxalis mute allows for the connection of this mutable loudspeaker control to be direct to the local Hmi panel. Whilst control is local the audio is fed via the main amplifier loop. This new efficient feature removes the need for extensive, exposed mutable speaker cables back to the main PA/GA cabinets, saves purchase, installation, maintenance costs and removes the chances of cross talk or line pickup on these mutable cables.
      The control and connection of local mutable loudspeakers is especially beneficial if relocating or adding Hmi units as the cable installation is minimal, non-intrusive and quick to affix or move. This additional flexibility within the PA/GA system enhances the overall operation and maintenance of the system equipment.
      The Oxalis Mute unit automatically and silently mutes the local loudspeaker when the local Hmi unit is in use for live speech. Under normal operation, the local loudspeaker continues to broadcast all announcements and alarms from the PA/GA system. When in mute the main loudspeaker loop bypasses the mute speaker to maintain loop integrity.
      Connectivity of the Mute to the Hmi unit is simply achieved by means of 1 pair screened cable from the local Hmi unit to the local loudspeaker mute unit. Sound pressure tap change for the local loudspeaker can also be achieved via the Hmi Mute enclosure terminals if required.


      Robust and reliable loudspeaker muting
      Removes the need for extended mute cables from PA/GA cabinet
      Compact enclosure
      Rapid installation
      Monitored circuit to Hmi unit and 2Mx
      Available as single or dual channel
      Low maintenance
      Mute or attenuate feature
      Design focused MTBF / MTTR values
      ATEX and IECEx certified
      IECEE CB, UL, CSA, ETL / cETL & CE certified

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